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Deadlines and launches won’t stop. But the right leadership can be the difference between mere survival and transformative growth. At Foram Brown, we don't just find leaders, we connect you with visionaries. Dive into a talent pool that's both active and diverse, tailored for the various sectors we serve.

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What we do.

Crafting the future with precision.

Your vision is unique, and so is our approach to helping you realize it. With an average of 8-12 weeks from the green light to candidate placement, we ensure that your leadership needs are met promptly without compromising on quality.

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How we work.

Our process, your success.

1 Initial Discussion:
We delve deep to understand your goals and challenges.

2. Roll Check:
Detailing the role, we craft a personalized search strategy.

3. Candidate Search:
Tapping into our diverse network, we engage potential leaders.

4. Candidate Evaluation:
We ensure each candidate aligns with your vision and values.

5. Support During Interviews:
From facilitating discussions to gathering feedback, we're with you.

6. Support Through Negotiations:
We assist in offer negotiations, ensuring a smooth transition and onboarding process.


What sets your executive search services apart from others?

Our unique edge lies in our leadership. An experienced engineering leader from an ethnic minority background. This, combined with our storytelling and personal branding techniques, allows us to tap into and prepare a diverse talent pool that many others might overlook.

What is your approach to diversity and inclusion in executive search?

Diversity and inclusion aren't just buzzwords for us. Drawing from our firsthand experiences with the challenges of diversity in the engineering sector, we're deeply committed to shaping these values in your leadership team.

How do you ensure a good fit between the candidate and our company culture?

Beyond the usual checks, we go the extra mile. We gather insights from our extensive network, not just from the references provided by candidates. This holistic approach ensures we understand the candidate's compatibility with your culture.

How do you source passive candidates?

Storytelling is our secret weapon. By crafting a compelling narrative around your brand, we pique the interest of and engage with a broad spectrum of passive candidates, many of whom might be the perfect fit for your needs.

What happens if a placed candidate leaves the company shortly after being hired?

Your long-term success is our goal. In the rare event that a placed candidate departs prematurely, we'll step in to find a suitable replacement without any additional charges.

What is your approach to confidentiality in the executive search process?

Trust is paramount. We uphold stringent confidentiality standards throughout our search process, ensuring the utmost privacy for both our clients and candidates.

"This team is the top executive search firm I've worked with. They understand the nuances of technical roles and foster relationships. Thank you for assembling a high-performing executive team for us"
VPE, Aerospace Industry
"A reliable talent acquisition team that consistently delivers high-caliber personnel for executive roles. Their innovative approach and understanding of the engineering landscape indeed attracts the industry's best talent."
CEO, Defense StartUp
"They assisted us in securing our COO within a highly specialized talent pool. Their engineering acumen and personalized approach attracted talent that was only passively looking. They are a standout in the executive search market"
Founder, Space Startup
"Their approach to executive search is unique and effective.
They understand the challenges of sourcing diverse leadership
and are committed to enhancing diversity in our executive team.
Highly recommended."
CEO, Green Energy Firm
"They excel at sourcing highly technical and specialized talent, especially when diversity is a priority. Their expertise in technical search and understanding of diversity helped us find the perfect fit for our executive team."
CTO, Robotics Industry