Executive roles.
Where ambition
meets opportunity.

In your competitive sector, leadership growth isn't just about the next title it's about the right challenge. At Foram Brown, we align your ambitions with roles that truly test and elevate your skills.

Ready for your next impactful leadership move?

How it works.

Our process is designed to ensure a successful match between you and potential opportunities. Here's how we work:

1 Consultation:
We start by understanding your goals, challenges, and career aspirations.

2. Resume:
Submit your resume for us to understand your skills, experience, and career trajectory. No problem if you don’t have a resume to hand! Drop us a message.

3. Reference Check:
We conduct reference checks to get a comprehensive understanding of your fit for potential roles.

4. Opportunity Alert:
We alert you to exclusive roles that align with your situation and professional goals.

5. Your Decision:
You decide which opportunities you want to pursue. We don’t push you.

6. Support:
We support you every step of the process, from preparing for interviews to negotiating offers.


How discreet is the process?

We understand the sensitive nature of career moves and maintain strict confidentiality throughout the process.

What if I'm not actively looking but open to opportunities?

We cater to passive candidates, alerting you to roles that might be of interest to you, allowing you to decide which to pursue.

What support do you provide during the negotiation process?

We provide support at every step, including preparing for interviews and assisting with offer negotiations.

How do you ensure the roles align with my career goals?

We start with a consultation to understand your goals, ensuring the opportunities we present align with your aspirations.

How do you handle reference checks?

We conduct discreet reference checks, seeking references from our network, not just the ones you provide.

What is your success rate in placing candidates in executive roles?

We have a strong track record in executive search, with numerous successful placements. Our method focuses on the sweet spot between a company's demands and a candidate's ambitions

“Foram's support during the negotiation process was invaluable. Her insights and advice helped me secure a favorable package as a CTO in a startup."
CTO, Defense & Space Manufacturing
"Foram encouraged me to transition from Aerospace to Space which was a daunting prospect. Her and the team's deep industry knowledge and guidance made the process smooth and less intimidating."
Director of Systems Engineering, Space Industry
Foram doesn't just fill positions, she creates long-lasting relationships with her clients and candidates. She helped me navigate a career change and find a perfect executive role."
VP Missions and Operations, Space Startup
"Despite not having all the required experience, Foram saw my potential and helped me secure a leadership role in the Aerospace sector. Her belief in my abilities made all the difference."
EVP, Aerospace
"As a woman in the Green Energy sector, finding the right executive role was tough. Foram's support and understanding of the industry were invaluable."
CEO, Green Energy Firm